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What you will get if you win the competition?

  • So the top 5 essays/articles will be published under your name on our website i.e fingoli.com
  • You will also get an E-certificate which you can boast on your resumes. Mind you guys this will be a certificate of excellence and not just a meer participation certificate.
  • One of you will also get the opportunity to publish his/her work on our website and work with our team and learn more about the art of blogging. Believe me, guys, if you mention this skill on your resume, you will be a star amongst the crowd. Of course, it’s to our discretion who will be the chosen one.

What is it about?
In this situation of crisis, we are trying to keep our hopes high and we have come up with a means to collaborate with all the budding writers. So we invite anyone who is interested to take part in the national level essay writing competition and want to showcase their work to the universe.


  1. Who gains from this COVID-19 pandemic? Is it HUMANS or NATURE.
  2. COVID-19 has shown its true colours. How this pandemic is different from the previous ones?
  3. Write your experience of this lockdown. Give some anecdotes from your surroundings.
  4. We, students, are always the first one to become victims of any decision. How do you feel being a victim of COVID-19? Is it online studies, Is it the house arrest or any other reason. Elaborate your views by writing your experience.

Some Guidelines to be followed

  • Do Not exceed more than 1500 words.
  • We would appreciate if you write your emotions rather than just beating around the bush and fill pages.
  • Please submit your essays in PDF formats. E-mail them to contact@fingoli.com
  • The last date for the submission is 1st June 2020 midnight.
  • Last but not the least, your article will only be considered if you have registered yourself on our website before the last submission date.(to register look for the register tab on top right corner of the home page)

In case of any conundrum, don’t hesitate to eat our brains out. Contact us on the below email.